CABBAGETOWN – From humble beginnings……. - Sherille Layton

CABBAGETOWN – From humble beginnings…….

21 February 2019
Sherille Layton

Cabbagetown is one of my favourite neighbourhoods to work and spend time in. The “village in a city” started from humble beginnings.

Thousands of Irish immigrants fled the potato famine in Ireland and landed in the area in the 1840s. Many grew cabbages in their gardens as a means to get buy.  

Cabbagetown was considered a working class neighbourhood and almost slum like during the Depression. Only, until the 1970s and 1980s did these beautiful Victorian homes start to be revitalized. 

Well noted for housing the most Victorian homes in North America. It’s hard not to fall in love with Cabbagetown’s charm and eclectic community. 
Which community in Toronto has more than one annual festival, home and garden tours, an actual working farm which was actually Toronto’s first zoo (Riverdale Farm), a farmer’s market every Tuesday during the warmer months? Cabbagetown is a wonderful example of what a longstanding community can achieve.
I love showing these beautiful homes as each one can be very different, even though one block can share its red brick from the outside. The inside of these incredible homes are so deceptive. When arriving for a listing presentation I always get excited as I never know what to expect. From narrow row houses to 3 storey semis and setback coach houses. The original character of these homes always stands out. From the front gate and manicured gardens to the stained glass windows, the 14ft ceilings, the original moldings, and beautiful lush city gardens.
Cabbagetowners are proud of their village. A strong LGBT community, young professionals and families all make up this enviable community.
If you are looking to be close to downtown, the DVP and schools that are markedly improved due to community involvement this is an area not to be overlooked. 
As an ex Londoner I enjoy a good pub, the House of Parliament is the place to go for a great Sunday roast. And, due to the Sri Lankan chefs that live in the nearby community you don’t have to go far to get delicious comfort food either. You won’t find too many big brand chains on Parliament Street. Small businesses are very much supported and encouraged.
Cabbagetown is one of Toronto’s sought after neighbhoods. House prices range from $1 million dollars to $2.5 m dollars. Price growth has been very steady over the last few years. If you are not looking for a house there are also a few interesting condo developments. 
If you ARE looking for history, different, charm and community, look no further, Cabbagetown is the place for YOU.

Please call me on 416 419 5893 for further insight.