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How Much Should You Budget for your Next Home?

26 September 2019
Sherille Layton

Usually when I sit down with clients they have a sense of what they can spend on their next home. However, if it has been a while since you last moved homes, you might be wondering how much you'll need to spend on your next home.

The 4 Ps to Maximizing Your Selling Price

30 July 2019
Sherille Layton

Over the summer during your downtime you may discuss moving home with your spouse. We often as Realtors receive calls regarding home evaluations during August in anticipation for the Fall market.

June Blog

28 June 2019
Sherille Layton

For those looking to take that next step in their real estate future, this important question will inevitably come up: “should I buy my new home or sell my existing home first?”

May Blog

29 May 2019
Sherille Layton

For any of you that study the homes for sale street activity, you will understand that we have come out of a slow listing period year to date. Well, let me tell you this changed in May, as it became the busiest month of the year so far and seems to be the precursor to what will be a busy spring market in Toronto.

LYTTON PARK – One of Toronto’s most exclusive neighbhourhoods…..

05 April 2019
Sherille Layton

Lytton Park is a wonderful neighbhourhood, I love selling properties and spending time within this community with my family. Considered one of the most exclusive neighbhourhoods in Toronto which spans from Briar Hill Avenue to Lawrence Avenue, west of Yonge Street to Mona Drive.

Downsizing – Which Condo Buildings Will Work For You?

05 March 2019
Sherille Layton

Downsizing is not a straightforward transition. There are a few reasons why one may consider downsizing to a smaller space.

CABBAGETOWN – From humble beginnings…….

21 February 2019
Sherille Layton

Cabbagetown is one of my favourite neighbourhoods to work and spend time in. The “village in a city” started from humble beginnings.

Taking the Stress out of Selling your Home

30 January 2019
Sherille Layton

For some people, the thought of listing their home for sale is stressful. It is easy worry about all the things you have to do. It feels like such a big task, but if you break it down into small tasks, it’s amazing what can be achieved!

Setting Your List Price Requires Calculation and Market Savvy

14 December 2018
Sherille Layton

When you're having a garage sale, one of the toughest tasks is pricing your items. If you put a price tag on your old golf clubs that’s too high, no one will buy them. If you make the price too low, they might sell too quickly, but you’ll spend the rest of the day wondering if you could have gotten more!

Having the Right Resourses when Listing your Home!

23 November 2018
Sherille Layton

Having been in real estate for 15 years you find yourself building relationships not only with your clients but the people that help your clients through the process of either buying or selling their home.